Botox before and afterBotox is a commonly used cosmetic treatment by both men and women that is injected into the muscle to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles on a temporary basis. It is also referred to as botulinum toxin type A, which blocks muscles’ nerve activity. Depending on your specific treatment, injections can be made in multiple areas per visit and should be spaced a minimum of 3 months apart.

What is Botox?

Botox is a very diluted form of the botulinum protein. Since the 1990s, many people have been injected with Botox without any long-term negative effects. Very few short-term complications have been reported. It is a safe and effective way to remove the lines that show up on foreheads, crows feet and vertical wrinkles that can appear on an upper lip. Botox is not a permanent solution and follow-up visits about three to six months apart are needed to keep the wrinkles from reappearing.

Does Botox hurt?

Botox is delivered by a quick injection and can be done in your specialist’s office. It is virtually painless and there is a very short recovery time. Most people return to work right after a Botox treatment.

How Does Botox Work?

A Botox injection weakens the muscles that cause the wrinkles. It does not normally interfere with facial expressions. Weakening the muscle that causes the wrinkles to form creates dramatic improvement in appearance that can be seen within two to seven days. There may be mild discomfort when your specialist administers the injections. Some clients report some slight soreness and bruising that may appear in the few days after the treatment.

How Long Does The Botox Treatment Last?

The muscles that were weakened by a Botox injection eventually regain their strength and the wrinkles may reappear. Normally, the treatment lasts for three months but can last for six months for some clients.

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