InjectableOur practice uses a variety of facial fillers to fill in facial folds, crevices, and facial depressions that often occur as we age and lose hyaluronic acid in our skin. Dysport, a popular treatment known as one of the quickest and safest ways to reduce wrinkles, can be used to treat superficial fine lines and facial volume loss, and serves as a temporary solution to facial wrinkles and lines. 

What is Dysport?

Dysport is a prescription injection that focuses on smoothing the frown lines between the eyebrows. An injection is added to several points between and above the eyebrows, allowing the muscles causing the lines and creases to relax. Results appear within 2 to 3 days of treatment and can last for up to 4 months. Dysport does not change the look or movement of the rest of your face, and untreated muscles will continue to work normally.

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