Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrow threading is quickly becoming a popular and preferred method for shaping eyebrows and removing unwanted hairs. Two cotton threads are intertwined and quickly moved along the eyebrow. The hairs are caught in between the threads and lifted out at the base. It is a very precise method allowing for tightly shaped eyebrows. 

Waxing does not allow for the same amount of precision and it uses hot wax that can contain chemicals. This can irritate the skin, and even remove the top layers of skin because of the pulling. Waxing is also more painful because the hairs are all removed at once and they are not targeted at the root. Tweezing targets the hair at the root, but it does not allow for the same precision as threading and it generally takes longer. Threading allows for the most precision, is relatively painless, and causes little irritation. You might have a little pinkness in the treated area for a few minutes afterwards, but that is it. Threading lasts for about two to four weeks, when you will start to see the hairs grow back. Call us today to schedule your appointment.