Facial Hair Reduction

We all want to look and feel our best. However, for some women, having excessive facial hair causes unwanted attention and embarrassment. This hindrance is generally hereditary and more common in women with darker hair. In the past, treatments for removing the hair have been expensive, painful and not very effective. However, with the introduction of new facial treatment methods, the problem seems to be on its way to fading away.

Traditional facial hair reduction comes in many varieties, tweezing, waxing, shaving and plucking. However, all of these treatments are painful and need to be repeated every few weeks, if not more. There are now treatments that allow you to permanently remove the hair by using a laser through electrolysis or laser hair removal. Each method has its advantages.

In The Case Of Electrolysis:

  • Several treatments are needed in order to effectively break down an individual hair follicle.
  • The hair that grows back will be finer and lighter until a follicle can no longer produce another hair.
  • The amount of hair present, as well as the coarseness of the hair will determine the length and number of sessions.  

In The Case Of Laser Hair Removal:

  • It is only effective on hairs in the active growth stage.
  • The laser is pulsed for a fraction of a second as the pigment in the hair absorbs the laser light and turns the light to heat.
  • The heat then damages the follicle eliminating or significantly reducing the hair's growth creating an inability to re-grow.
  • Optimal results are seen in 6-8 treatments, every six to eight weeks.

Removing unwanted facial hair can be a dream come true for some women. Call us today to see if this procedure is right for you.