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Para 1 ( Mimosa Pudica )

Para 1 ( Mimosa Pudica )


Organic Mimosa Pudica: Anti-Parasite Support is one product that everybody would benefit from. One of the main benefits of Mimosa Pudica is that it helps to rid the intestines of mucoid plaque, biofilm and rope worm. It also appears to be a great anti-parasitic for several other type of parasites specifically intestinal nematodes.*


Mimosa Pudica is a very gooey and sticky, fat soluble plant material which sticks to everything and helps to remove the mucoid plaque, rope worm, parasites and toxins. It also has other anti-microbial benefits as well as anti-diarrhea, anti-ulcer, anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic properties.*

120 capsules per bottle. 500mg of Mimosa Pudica Seed per capsule. Currently comes in a bovine gelatin capsule.

No fillers, No additives, No excipients, Gluten Free, GMO-free, Organic!

  • What’s the secret? Mimosa Pudica Seed is fat-soluble and gels up when mixed with liquid. In your digestive tract, the powdered seed absorbs fluids and changes consistency. It becomes jelly-like and sticky. In this form, Mimosa Pudica Seed works its way through your intestinal tract, scrubbing out unwanted elements. Many different things pass through your gut, besides the food you eat. So, it's important to support your body's natural drainage process to remove occasional toxins, unwanted elements, and intestinal buildup.Formulated with 100% Mimosa Pudica Seed, this supplement is a game-changer that produces tangible results. It helps keep you and your gut moving on your health journey.



    Immune Support

    Nurture your body's immune system, the majority of which is housed in your gut

    Ayurvedic Origin

    Support your body's natural detox and cleansing functions with this ancient Ayurvedic herb

    Digestive Support

    Bind and sweep out unwanted elements with this unique, sticky seed that supports gut health


    "Never have seen anything as effective and yet gentle to take. And I’ve tried more things than I can remember. This is about 2 months in, and an amazing, never-ending parasite flow keeps coming out. Highly recommend this product."

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