Specialized Lab Tests

In our practice, we use a series of specialized labs to understand how body systems are working. These specific diagnostic tests attempt to uncover root causes of common health concerns prior to their development into a full blown critical situation. Conventional medical labs are designed for other purposes. They are mostly focused on uncovering a disease once it has progressed fully from a “dysfunction” of a body system to a “pathology” or life threatening problem. Of course we need both systems in place to handle the range of dis-ease. One doesn’t replace the other.

Some of the specialized lab tests include:

Salivary Cortisol and/or Urine testing to assess the stress and other hormones. 

GI testing to look at the microbiome and digestive functions.

Organic Acids and the ION Panel to look at metabolism, brain health, detox systems and more. 

Micronutrient Testing to look at specific nutrient levels and deficiencies.

These tests also provide important information on the genetic underpinnings of many common health complaints.  A comprehensive consultation and assessment is performed to indicate types of tests required to better understand the underlying root cause and biochemical insufficiencies.