Japanese Hair Straightening

If you struggle with out of control or frizzy hair and spend hours trying to style and control your hair we have a solution for you. Japanese hair straightening--also known as thermal reconditioning, Japanese iron straightening, Bio Ionic hair retexturing, thermal straightening, straight perm, Japanese straight perm or high-tech straight perm--is a process that straightens your hair and gives it a sleek and shimmering finish.  

The process works by applying heat to your hair which causes the bonds to restructure.  Results will vary based on the tightness of the curls or waves in your hair, but most people experience great results that last for a long period of time. The process takes about 3-5 hours depending on how much hair you have, so make sure you set aside plenty of time for your appointment.

If you are currently using a hair relaxer you will not be able to undergo Japanese hair straightening. When used together, your hair could end up brittle and broken.

After the process is completed, feel free to style and color your hair if you would like. You should, however, ask your stylist which products are best for maintaining your hair after this process. There are products designed specifically for women who have had their hair straightened. Call us today to schedule your appointment.